Investment Club

The purpose of the Seeds of Wisdom Exchange Investment Club is to invest the assets of the partners in stocks, bonds, real estate and other securities for the education and benefits of the partners. As a whole, the Investment Club assists in the establishment of the Kingdom of God.

Community Impact
A primary purpose of the Club is to eradicate poverty in designated areas through seminars, workshops, and teaching Biblical principles of prosperity. Also, the Club equip individuals and families with tools to better manage their personal and household finances. The Investment Club offers enrichment to the community by keeping them informed on educational and financial opportunities.

The Investment Club has hosted several workshops including:

  • Invest in Yourself Day
    – Representatives from various financial, health and educational institutions discussed how you can invest in yourself by learning ways to improve your finances and health.
  • Estate Planning Session
    – Representatives from various insurance and banking institutions spoke on formulating strategies that will complete your goals, such as purchasing a home. This session helped families establish a better plan for their future.