Kingdom Kids, children ages 4 to 11, meet every 1st, 3rd and 5th Sunday. Temple Teens meet monthly.

Our Kingdom Kids mission is to promote biblical principles through Bible stories, activities and games that are suitable for each age group. Each child gains an understanding of Bible Stories. These stories are taught in ways that can be easily remembered and recited.

For enjoyment, Kingdom Kids attend roller skating and pizza parties on a routine basis. They also participate and enjoy special occasions such as Easter Egg hunts, Hallelujah Night on October 31st and the annual Christmas toy giveaway program.

At New Life, we promote high standards in school achievements, and we honor Kingdom Kids with recognition on Sunday morning worship services. Tutoring services are also available.

Temple Teens, ages 12 to 18, enriches the lives of teenagers through fellowship, excitement, fun, drama through Fine Arts, at the level of their comprehension and in an environment that is functional and fun for teenagers.

We’d be glad to have your children be a part of our youth ministry as a Kingdom Kid or Temple Teen!